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Integration of own medical solutions - PACS in the Cloud

The clinic / hospital can choose to integrate the PACS application with its own hospital application, and the patient can access the PACS application for the transmission and visualization of medical studies

Software Consulting and Development on Demand

Although we are a new startup, we have a team with experience in Software Consulting and Development. Call with confidence if you want to grow your business through a web / desktop / mobile application

Consulting in European Funds

Start a new business, or expand your existing business through European grants. We can take over the whole process, from the cost-benefit analysis, the sketching of the business plan / budget, and later the implementation of the project. At the same time, we have experience in resque management on large projects

Consulting for NGOs

We give special importance to social projects, meant to correct something in our society or bring a new breath. We can help you find the right team for the implementation of the project, to access funds for the development of the organization, to form a team of experienced partners in case of participation in large European projects.

Pathways Software Solutions

PACS Medical Solution

  • Allows both clinics and patients to manage complete information for imaging investigations
  • Advanced visualization and processing of radiological images with different medical viewers
  • Storing and archiving images in the cloud or on your own equipment
  • Access to the remote PACS interface for querying patients and medical records
  • Integration with a complete application for clinics and hospitals
  • Integration with a telemedicine application


Pathways Software Solutions

Software Consulting and Development on request

  • We offer our clients IT solutions adapted to the specifics of each business
  • Programming languages ​​for complete applications: Front-end: Javascript, AngularJS, React; Back-end: Java, Node.JS, PHP; Databases: MySQL, PostgresSQL
  • Own servers and storage
  • Software Consulting for different types of projects
Pathways Software Solutions

Consulting in European Funds

We have an experience of over 8 years in writing and implementing European projects (POSDRU, POC, POCU, etc.), business analysis, business grants and more. If you want a professional expertise, we are your answer! Send us an email at and we will contact you.


Pathways Software Solutions

Consulting and Marketing for NGOs

We have 10 years of experience in NGOs (students, medical field, construction field, professional training, etc.).

  • We can help you get Leads or Contacts for business, to capitalize on your own brand, to have easy access to your products / services. Write to us at and we will contact you
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