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It is an IT startup founded in Constanta at the end of 2020. The company, certified as a social enterprise, aims to support the medical sector in Constanta and Romania by developing integrated medical solutions, subsequently offered to clinics / hospitals, software development to order in any field, or consulting in European funds

Experience - Our team has an experience of over 5 years on the market of medical software applications of HIS / RIS type and not only, respectively over 10 years in the field of consulting on accessing European funds (for natural or legal persons).

    Mission - We want to be a reliable partner for our clients, so that they can grow their business through our solutions and services (PACS Server in CLOUD, Integration of HIS applications / telemedicine, access to European funds), or to meet certain needs (uploading imaging studies in PACS, telemedicine consultations through partners, etc.)

Pathways Software Solutions

Our solutions and services

Medical Applications

Software consulting for the development of applications in the medical field (example: endo-pediatrics, clinical appointments). Software consulting regarding the integration of HIS / RIS software at different hospitals / clinics. Development of a Medical Imaging application - PACS in CLOUD

Custom software development

Website development in different fields. Consulting for software development of document archiving applications. User level consulting for different types of applications. Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, REACT, NODEJS, ANGULARJS, PHP, MYSQL

European Funds Consulting

Writing and implementation of European projects (POSDRU, POC, POCU, POSCCE, grants). Examples of European projects: continuous professional training in hospitality, construction, beauty, entrepreneurship, etc .; setting up social economy structures and marketing / project management services for them.

Pathways Software Solutions

Our products

Cloud Imagistics PACS

PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a medical imaging system that offers storage capabilities and easy access to images from various sources - medical equipment. Images accompanied by information in electronic format are transmitted digitally automatically and in a universal standardized format DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)

HIS-RIS integrated solution

Atomix CLOUD PACS is integrated with a Hospital Information System type application that includes: user management and system access; patient management and medical activity; patient management mode; how to schedule visits; hospitalization module; hospitalization mode; discharge mode; patient transfer mode; laboratory module; integration mode with SIUI.


Atomix CLOUD PACS can be integrated with telemedicine platforms, already having a partnership in this regard. Through TELEMEDICINE, patients can contact the doctor both through their own telemedicine service, scheduling at the clinic where the doctor works for physical consultation. The advantage of this integration is the visualization of radiological studies by patients / doctors directly on the platform

Pathways Software Solutions

Why choose us

The team with experience in developing web / mobile applications

Consulting on European Funds on all types of programs

Own Software Products - ATOMIX CLOUD PACS

Team Member

Focusing Your Mind, with The Best Expert.

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